Afghanistan 8/2 in 2.2 Overs | Live cricket score: Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe, 1st Test, Day 1

0.1 overs

WAfghanistan- 0/1

Blessing Muzarabani to Abdul Malik, OUT! BOWLED! What a start for Blessing Muzarabani and Zimbabwe. They have started this Test with a bang! A wicket off the very first ball. Swing, bounce, and the sound of timber. That is how Blessing has got the tourists going. Blessing Muzarabani bowls a good length ball pitching outside off and makes the ball jag back in a lot. Abdul Malik looks to defend but the ball bounces a tad more than he expected. It hits the higher portion of Malik’s bat and comes down to hit the stumps. Perfect start for Zimbabwe but a terrible one for Afghanistan!

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