AICTE asks colleges not to use lockdown as an excuse to delay staff salaries – education

After receiving several complaints from faculty and staff of engineering colleges across the country about delay in salaries, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has directed all technical institutes to ensure that salary is paid to all employees without fail.

In a circular released on Wednesday, the AICTE had clarified that institutes cannot use the current economic situation as a reason to not pay salaries of employees.

“This is a national emergency as the entire country is in lockdown due to Covid-19, and non-payment of salary to staff would lead to great stress and even starvation to the families of some of the staff members,” started the council.

In its circular, AICTE has highlighted the plight of several faculty and staff members who have not received their salaries for the months of February and March, leading to distress. The AICTE has requested all institutes to release salaries on time and not add to the stress of people during such ‘unprecedented’ times.

AICTE has been reaching out to colleges and students to ensure everyone’s safety during this national emergency. In April, the council addressed all students who either would have already applied for and found, or those who are still looking for summer internships, to not endanger their lives and that of the others around them in the current situation.

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