Anupriya spills all about her Monsoon routine – fashion and trends

This year, due to the pandemic, monsoon is going to be different for many. Actor Anupriya Goenka who is usually travelling and shooting every year during this season is now enjoying the rains. “I love the monsoon, they make me poetic, soulful and happy. The sound of water droplets gives me a sense of solace and peace. I have gigantic windows in my house overlooking greenery, so my day starts sitting besides the window with a cup of coffee gazing at the birds and enjoying nature. I have started writing a journal so I do that, I write poetry, sometimes paint and listen to music. This year I’m enjoying the rain from the comfort of my house,” confesses Goenka who is also taking extra care of her body during the season.

She focuses on eating a lot of vegetables and proteins and keeping her diet low on carbs. “It is better to cook vegetables at this point as it is cumbersome to sanitise raw vegetables. If one doesn’t like eating sauteed vegetables or salads then a warm cuppa soup can be great,” explains Goenka.

Talking about her skincare regime during monsoon, she recommends moisturising twice a day after using a soap-free cleanser. Along with a daily dose of sunscreen. “Now that we are at home, one can also apply milk twice a day. Home remedies are great, applying onion juice to the hair and tomato and papaya pulp to the skin will keep skin and hair healthy. However, avoid applying oil because of the humidity, ” she adds.


Chronicling Monsoon musings:

  • The weather is inspiring and a great time to start writing a journal. Anupriya lists tips:
  • Start writing morning pages: Make a target of writing a para or 3 pages daily about anything. Something she picked from a book, The artist’s way morning pages journal by Julia Cameron.
  • Don’t make it feel like a pressure. Convert it into a fun activity
  • Don’t block your creativity and write about whatever comes to your mind, a thought, a feeling, anything! Once you start writing you dig deeper aspects about yourself and resolve a lot of things within you.

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