Artist creates alien facehugger mask out of leather to protect him from Covid-19 – fashion and trends

A little creativity can go a long way into driving away the pandemic blues, especially since it helps in exploring the outside of the metaphorical box, and for a lot of us during this time, this is the most outside we can get!

When it comes to pandemic masks, we have seen some outlandish ones recently but perhaps this ‘facehugger’ mask made by UK-based leather worker certainly takes the cake.

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James, an artisanal leather worker and owner of Pirates Leatherworks recently made a face mask in the shape of a facehugger, which featured as the uber creepy alien species that attaches themselves to people’s face and inject eggs inside them. Though the actual facehuggers in the movie are skin coloured, James went for a more leathery look and hand stitched 59 pieces together to make this ingenious mask for himself.


The leather mask is made with intricate detailing of the alien’s anatomy and it took James approximately three days to make the final product. From its spindly limbs that wrap around the face to the scales on its long tail, James went to extreme lengths to replicate the slimy creatures and his rendition is surprisingly cool and realistic to say the least. The construction of the mask is such that it allows for ventilation throught the tail of the facehugger despite being made entirely out of leather.


In an interview James stated, ““The mask was made from a pattern I found on Etsy. As a professional leather worker and carver, I wouldn’t normally use bought patterns and was dubious about spending a whole £14 on myself, but I saw it and thought that it’s for me and I could have a laugh walking around the local supermarket with it on.” Since then James has received more orders for these masks that he is now selling on his website.

Aside from making for a great aesthetic, one of the added benefits of these masks is that it ensures that people will keep their distance from the one wearing them. After all no body wants to get alien eggs injects in them.

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