Covid-19: HRD minister releases alternative academic calendar for secondary school students – education

Union Human Resource Development minster on Saturday released an alternative academic calendar for secondary school students. The calendar is developed by NCERT and has been designed for an effective week- wise planning for each subject. The alternative calendar has to be followed by the teachers, students and parents to cover the syllabus during the lockdown.

The alternative calendar will help in keeping the students busy and at the same time maintain continuity of their learning during the lockdown period.

“Schools, Colleges and Universities have been closed. Students are confined to their homes, and so are teachers and parents. Teacher educators, teachers and parents need to find ways to deal with this unprecedented situation arising out of the lockdown in order to engage students meaningfully through educational activities at home. While we are putting in all efforts to flatten the epidemic curve, learning can continue at home too, and the learning curve of children must continue to move upwards. How should this be done? The first thought would perhaps be homework or home assignments. However, the concept of homework is that of a task done individually; moreover, it carries with it the pressure of completion rather than that of joyful learning. Further, as educationists, we prefer not to recommend homework over a long duration for very young children. We have to therefore seek alternative methods,” reads the guidelines given in the calendar for parents, teachers and students.

Informing about the release of alternative calendar for the Secondary school students on Saturday, HRD minister tweeted on the microblogging site Twitter, “My dear Secondary School students, I am releasing Alternative Academic Calender today, for your benefit. During the lockdown period, you can use this calender for week-wise planning, with reference to theme/chapter taken from syllabus or textbook.

The minister also asked students and teachers to adopt the calendar and learn at home, through mobile, SMS, television, radio or social media.

Earlier, on April 16, the minister had launched an alternative calendar for the primary students. The alternative academic calendar can be accessed from the official website of NCERT. Alternatively, you can click here to get the calendars

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