Day after bhoomi pujan, curious devotees throng Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya – india news

A day after the bhoomi pujan, curious devotees turned up in large numbers at Ram Janmabhoomi site on Thursday to worship Ram Lalla at the pre-fabricated temple.

The people who queued up outside Ram Janmabhoomi, waiting for their turn to enter, were mostly from neighbouring areas, though some locals were also present.

Devotees also visited Hanuman Garhi temple, a few metres from Ram Janmabhoomi.

The grand bhoomi pujan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s participation were the talk of the town on Thursday. With pictures of PM Modi performing bhoomi pujan still fresh in their minds, some of the devotees were expecting major changes at the Ram Janmabhoomi.

Diwakar Maurya, 51, who came from adjoining Gonda district, could not wait for his turn to enter the Ram Janmabhoomi.

“I saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing bhoomi pujan on television (on Wednesday). It was a grand ceremony. Some changes might have been made at Ram Janmabhoomi. Out of curiosity I am here today (Thursday) to see those changes,” he said.

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There were many others like Maurya in the queue who expected something grand at Ram Janmabhoomi.

However, Saket Kureel, 55, from neighbouring Basti district, wanted to pay obeisance to Ram Lalla at the pre-fabricated temple in which PM Modi had performed ‘aarti’ before bhoomi pujan.

When he last visited Ram Janmabhoomi, Ram Lalla was residing inside the makeshift temple inside a tent.

“I want to see the temple where Ram Lalla is residing at present. I saw PM Modi performing the deity’s aarti on Doordarshan (national broadcaster),” said Kureel.

Next to Hanuman Garhi temple, a group of devotees from adjoining Gonda district were spotted. After paying obeisance to Lord Hanuman, they also planned to visit Ram Janmabhoomi.

“Yesterday we watched Modiji on Doordarshan performing bhoomi pujan. My family and relatives wanted to visit Ram Janmabhoomi today (Thursday) itself,” said Radhey Shyam Varma, in his 50s.

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The festivities and celebrations at Ayodhya post bhoomi pujan were also the talking point among people.

However, in Faizabad, (locals differentiate between old Ayodhya and Faizabad for their convenience), there was business as usual and life was back to normal.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had renamed Faizabad district as Ayodhya during Deepotsav in November 2018.

While moving from Faizabad toward Ayodhya, one can still see decorations on the roadside with big hoardings put up by local MLAs and BJP MP Lallu Singh.

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