Girl steals cell phone to pay school fee, owner finds out and helps her to continue studying – india news

A 17-year-old girl from Indore who allegedly stole the mobile phone of a private detective was spared from being arrested when the owner of the phone got to know about the motive behind the theft. He not only withdrew his complaint, but also deposited the school fee of the girl, police said.

The gesture of the 50-year-old private detective Dheeraj Dubey, a resident of Sudama Nagar in Indore is being appreciated on social media and the police have also praised his decision.

Dubey’s mobile phone was stolen on August 2 from his residence but instead of complaining to the police he decided to track down the thief on his own.

“I checked all the CCTV cameras and found the body language of a 17-year-old daughter of a maid, who works at my home, suspicious. I called her on Wednesday and asked her politely many questions including her performance in her examination of class 11 that she passed this year to be enrolled for class 12. After initial denial during the conversation, the girl confessed to having committed the crime and told me that she had stolen the phone and pledged it with a friend to borrow Rs 2,500 from him so that she could deposit Rs 1600 against her school fee and spend Rs 1200 to purchase books to continue her studies,” Dubey said.

“The girl’s parents didn’t have much savings amid the Covid-19 situation to deposit the school fee. I found that the cash of Rs 2,500 was intact with the girl and she had not spent it on any hobby. I inquired with the school and found that she was really supposed to deposit the school fee. I asked the girl to keep the money and I deposited her private school fees. I also repaid the amount of Rs 2,500 to her friend that she had taken in exchange for the mobile phone. As the girl is meritorious and had scored 71% marks in class 11 examination, I promised to bear the expenses of her studies in future also and help her in getting a part-time job after she will completes 18 years of age,” Dubey said.

Dwarakpuri police station in-charge Dharamveer Singh Nagar praised Dubey’s gesture and said, “Dheeraj Dubey really did a commendable job by supporting the girl. He informed us about the theft but he only wanted to get back his mobile phone from the friend of the girl with our help. He refused to lodge any complaint with the police in view of the girl’s future. He even paid the Rs 2,500 debt in front of us which was taken by the girl from her friend in exchange for the mobile phone.”

The girl said, “I really committed a mistake. But I was desperate to deposit the fee out of fear that my enrolment with the school would be cancelled. I will never commit any crime in future and focus on my studies. I am grateful to Dheeraj Sir that he not only helped me financially, but he didn’t lodge a complaint with the police also.”

Deputy inspector general (DIG) of police, Indore, Harinarayan Chari Mishra said, “Though the girl committed a crime, her motive was continuing her studies. Dheeraj Dubey set an example by supporting her instead of taking action against her.”

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