‘God of fitness’ Milind Soman’s daring new ‘Superman’ move could break your teeth. Watch video – more lifestyle

Since the government mandated lockdown on account of coronavirus was imposed, everyone, except for frontline workers and healthcare professionals, has been staying home. Bollywood celebrities and actors have been trying to make the most of their time with all these extra hours they have now, whether it’s offering recipes, cleaning tips or sharing their fitness routines, they have been doling out new content. In his latest post, actor, model and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is encouraging people to try out a “new movement” to stay fit. Taking to his Instagram, he posted a short workout video. In the video, he starts off with push-ups but there comes a moment when he literally goes up in the air.


“Trying a new movement. If you try it too, be careful and don’t blame me if you break your teeth,” he joked in the caption of the video.

One of his fans called him a “Superman, indeed”, while another wrote, “ That’s awesome Milind… you surely give so many of us mortals a new meaning to life… your a God of Fitness and positive attitude.”


Earlier today, Milind posted about how he likes to surprise himself along with a video of him doing headstands, “Everyday I have my lockdown routine – make the bed, cut the fruits, exercise, some office work, have lunch, some tv, etc. And every day I add something as a surprise for myself, whatever comes into my head, something I know well, or something completely new. If it’s new, and I enjoy it, then I try to build it into my schedule, learn about it and do it more often so I get better at it 🙂 I love doing headstands and do a headstand at least once a month, or at least when I remember, and I have a mat! So today… .”

Last month, Milind had suggested meditation for peace of mind on account of all the stress due to COVID-19, especially triggered thanks to fake news, rumours and speculations about the disease. He wrote, “So much conflicting information online. So much uncertainty. What will the world be like in a few months. What about the virus. What about the economy. Let’s not overthink this. Go with the flow. Whatever shape the world takes, we must be prepared. Our minds must be prepared. Strong. And centered.”

The 54-year-old model added, “Meditation, if practiced for as few as 10 minutes each day, can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.”

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