I don’t panic because I try to keep myself educated: Sunny Kaushal – bollywood

Sunny Kaushal believes that taking it slow and not making productive use of the lockdown is no vice. He confides that he’s in no mood of “coming out of the lockdown with a new skill”. He says, “I’m not forcing myself to be productive. I began doing sneaker painting but I outgrew it. Just because somebody else is doing something to keep them busy doesn’t imply that you need to do the same. There are days when I lie down on my bed for hours.”


The actor says that he and his brother, Vicky Kaushal, bonding over cooking. “We’re forced to spend 24 hours together. Even if we’re in different rooms, the interactions are more than ever. He would never be comfortable with me cutting his hair. But now he wants me to give him a haircut,” he says, adding, “We’re also cooking together. He’s somebody who would otherwise never step inside the kitchen. But now he makes his own eggs (laughs).”

Talking about the time when his building was sealed, Kaushal says, “When an 11-year-old in our building contracted the virus, they sealed it. We were, of course, sad that a child was tested positive. When she came back, we gave her a warm welcome. Once she tested negative, it gave us a lot of hope.”

Stressing on the importance of keeping oneself updated with the correct information at a time when fake news is spreading like wildfire, he elaborates, “Given the circumstances, it’s natural to feel scared but I don’t panic because I try to keep myself educated. Once you start panicking, you begin to believe every rumour that you read. It’s important to verify even if there’s slightest doubt about what you read. Education plays a very important role. There’s a lot of information that is put out by the WHO and our government to make people aware and how to combat the virus. The only way to not panic is to imbibe that information and follow the measures put out by them.”


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