I have taken up stair-climbing to substitute for running: Milind Soman – bollywood

If you ask women about their favourite man-crush in a video song, the answer would still be Milind Soman and although the song, Made In India by Alisha Chinai was released in 1995, this man our our love for him, never grows old. All credit goes to the supermodel who believes in maintaining a healthy body, and has trained himself to never even crave for a cheat day.

However Milind says that staying fit during the worldwide pandemic is definitely challenging and required some twisting to his regular routine. He says, “Initially it was challenging for me, as I am very active, I like to be outdoors and prefer exercising in open spaces. However, I have taken up stair-climbing to substitute for running and I keep myself occupied by learning something new such as cooking or imagining various positive post-lockdown scenarios.”

His family also joins him in indoor exercising. “My family and I discovered stair-climbing, and we (Milind with mother and wife) workout regularly together — it’s a fun way to bond, and yet stay fit. We usually work out on the terrace and do basic movements such as pushups, skipping, hopping and core exercises. It is not only good for your body but engaging in positive activities with family is also good for your mental health, which is most important during the quarantine period,” says the 54-year-old actor.

With people being locked down at home, and many balancing work and chores, it’s tempting to start binge eating that tastes and feels good but might be unhealthy and weaken our immune system. But the Bajirao Mastani (2015) actor has a way out to this. He says, “A good way to control this is by substituting unwholesome foods with healthy snacking options such as fruits or nuts. My go-to snack is almonds. A handful of almonds once a day, may have satiating properties that promote feelings of fullness, which might help keep hunger at bay between meals.”

Lastly when asked about what is the first thing he’ll do once the lockdown ends, and the Captain Vyom actor says, “I would love to go for a very long run as running gives me the utmost satisfaction and revitalizes my frame of mind and thoughts.”

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