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Rashid Khan (PTI Photo)

NEW DELHI: Rashid Khan has not yet individually approached the Delhi Golf Club with a formal demand to allow him to train there, club president RS Bedi said on Tuesday. Bedi also said that getting the Sports Ministry involved would not be of much help to Rashid as the club is bound by decisions made by its board.
“We are a Section 8 Company,” Bedi told IANS. “Whatever decisions are taken are on the basis of board resolutions. How do you change board resolutions? If he wants to go down that route (writing to the Sports Minister) all the best to him.”
Rashid’s feud with the DGC had led to him and nine other caddie—turned—golfers spending over three hours at the Tughlaq Road police station in Lutyens Delhi in May last year after an argument over using the club’s driving range.
Bedi said that Rashid has since never approached the club individually. “For the club to consider reversing his decision, he has to come as an individual instead of being a leader of a gang. That’s our response to him, speak for yourself, then the club will decide on the merits of the argument,” he said.
When asked if the club will give a positive response if Rashid approached it the way it wants him to, Bedi said, “This decision was taken by the general committee and only it will decide further. Anything that comes to us is always put on the table and will be discussed in a board meeting.”
Rashid Khan, India’s highest ranked golfer, said he is planning to write to Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju asking for his help after missing out on crucial practice due to the Delhi Golf Club (DGC) denying him entry even after re-opening post the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

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