IIT Bombay closes spring semester pending exam, to grade on basis of already conducted exam scores – education

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, has decided to close its Spring Semester– the exams for which have been pending– without requiring its students to return to campus.

Final grading of students, for all years, in theory as well as lab courses will be based on the marks obtained by students in exams already completed during the semester.

In a senate meeting held on Monday, the institute resolved that final grading be done for students based on their performance in already conducted examinations, including the mid-semester exams. Teachers may choose to conduct an additional online test for a maximum weightage of 20%, provided all students are able to take the online test.

The decision was taken keeping in mind that amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the nationwide lockdown, students may not be able to return to campus any time soon. The senate also acknowledged that when the classes reopen for the next semester, hostels and other facilities on campus have to be made ready to handle ‘unexpected situations’. A committee has been appointed to look into the matter.

The institute had announced an early summer vacation on March 28 in the wake of the covid-19 outbreak, even before the Spring Semester exams could be conducted. This had lead to anxiety among students over the examination schedule. The institute has now come up with a detailed plan for grading students based on their earlier performances. “We have resolved the issue of closure of semester and issued the minutes of the senate meeting to students,” said director Subhasis Chaudhari.

“Final grading of Theory and Lab courses will be based on the evaluation, which has been completed till (and inclusive of) the mid-semester examination. Instructors may decide for an additional evaluation using a suitable on-line mode for a maximum

weightage of 20%, provided all registered students can avail the same. Instructor may also consider to provide a likewise opportunity to students who might have missed the mid-semester examination for genuine reasons,” according to the minutes of the senate meeting, accessed by HT.

For students, who are not satisfied with their performance in previous examinations, will have a chance improve their grades by opting for an ‘S’ grade. Exams will be conducted for these courses for 100 marks at a later time. Project- based courses will be evaluated online via video- conferencing.

Other IITs such as Roorkee and Madras have, meanwhile, decided to call students to campus in batches once travel restrictions have eased. Social distancing measures will be put in place during exams, said sources.

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