In the India we love, food has no religion, says Sana Khan – bollywood

It is 8 pm and actor Sana Khan has just finished her Iftari and prayers. “I don’t know how my day goes by. I start by offering Namaz and then I read the Quran. The rest of my time is spent in organising food for distributing among the needy and then preparing the Iftari,” says Sana.

The actor recently posted a video, sharing with fans how she is grateful that many put their faith in her and send her their zakat (alms) to help the needy this Ramzan. Khan has been sending out rations along with daily meals for about 400-500 people. She has also distributed items such as milk, bread, glucose and biscuits to the ones staying on the streets. “I’m also asking people to pitch in as much as they can as we need a lot of material to sustain this,” says Sana.


In her video, Khan also narrated what happened when her helper went to distribute food. “The boy saw a shelter home close by that had some 350 people, so we decided to send food there as well. However, when my helper went today wearing a skull cap, some asked him if the food was just for Muslims or if there were separate queue for Hindus and Muslims. At times like these, it is disturbing to hear such things. Food is for all and religion has no role to play in this,” says Sana.


Sana also talks about a viral painting by Saudi Artist Nabila Abuljadayel that she has shared on Instagram recently. In the painting inspired by reality, a cleaner wearing a skull cap sits in front of the Kaaba praying. The images says, amongst 1.8 million people praying at the Kaaba every year, this year it was the cleaner who got the privilege. “It is such a moving picture. When I saw it, tears welled in my eyes. It can move anyone. I planned to go to the Kaaba this year but because of the circumstances, I wasn’t able to. I felt envious of the cleaners cleaning the Kaaba. They got a chance to stay close to God and clean the house of God. The underprivileged are the only privileged ones in the eyes of Allah,” says Khan.

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