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NEW DELHI: The government has focused on the health of citizens and ensured that no one was left wanting for food during the Covid-19 pandemic, commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal said on Thursday.
“We have gone through the entire three months without a single person starving. That’s not just the effort of the Centre or state governments. It is the effort of 130 crore Indians,” he said in his keynote address at the global online conference on ‘Covid 19: Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’ organised by The School of Management of Bennett University, a part of the Times Group.

“If one was to research on how different nations responded to the Spanish Flu, 100 years ago, those that focused on lives and health of people… be it with limited resources at that point, progressed much faster and became prosperous. Those that only focused on their economies suffered,” he said.

We took care of our needs and of others’ too: Goyal
Union commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said India has helped other countries during the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) is ingrained in the Indian ethos,” he said. “While you are on a flight, if there is turbulence, what are you advised? Tie your seat belt first before you help others. We ensured that India’s requirements are taken care of, but we also ensured that the seat belt is tied for over 3-4 billion people across the globe with the supply of medicines to over 120 countries,” he said while speaking at a global online conference on “Covid 19: Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’ organised by The School of Management of the Bennett University.
Speaking at the same conference, former chief economist at the World Bank and chief economic advisor to the Indian government, Kaushik Basu said measures needed to be taken to protect the vulnerable.
“The immediate concern should be the hundreds of thousands who are walking hundreds of miles only to go home, those who are walking in large groups but are Sall alone,” Basu explained.
According to Basu, the financial package announced by the finance minister is necessary but not sufficient given the dark clouds of recession and unemployment. Basu said that while government spending would create inflationary pressures in six months, there was a need to move ahead now to protect the vulnerable sections and take corrective measures later.
“If this Rs 20 lakh crore were an additional amount this should be enough. People who are scraping through the details are saying that it is not additional and it includes what RBI has done. If the additional amount is half (of what is announced) it is not enough,” added Basu.

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