Mother Earth says, hold your ground: Mukti Mohan – art and culture

Whether you clap your hands or torch your light, show your might. It’s irrelevant which God you pray to, a namaste is wiser than shaking hands, and staying home translates to saving lives, tells us Mukti Mohan in a fun rap that she shared on Instagram.

The rap came naturally to her, she says. “This was something that came straight from my heart. It feels like mother earth is giving us a punishment… the way our parents used to ground us when we were kids. We need to fix our mistakes and have faith. Everything is going to be fine. We need to fight back, take all the precautions and stay positive and united to get through this,” says Mohan who is living with her sisters in Gujrat in the lockdown.


Mohan says that sometimes a lighthearted message works better than a serious, reprimanding one.“When our parents used to scold us and command us to do things, we never paid attention to it. However, when a friend said the same thing causally, we understood. So, you need to talk to people like a friend in a more casual way to make them understand. That’s why I rapped instead of posting a serious message,” says Mohan whose post got almost 56,275 views in two days. “A 16-year-old asked me to send the wording so that she could replicate it too for her family and friends. Isn’t it amazing? I felt good that I could reach out to young people who understood how important it is to follow coronavirus precautions,” she says.

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