Mrunal Thakur is spending all her time ‘embracing every moment’ – bollywood

Mrunal Thakur’s spending some quality time with her family and her pet cat, Billo. For her, the lockdown has been a form of realisation. “I’m making sure that I’m helping my mother. Hats off to all homemakers and mothers who are taking care of their families without any break!” says the actor who stresses on all mothers tirelessly work for their families throughout the year. 

Her heart goes to all those who are going out to work, including her father, irrespective of the lockdown. “There are a lot of people who’re working round the clock to save lives. My father’s a banker and he needs to go to work as bankers are responsible for saving our economy,” says Thakur who confides about feeling a sense of fear every time her father steps out of the house.

Ask her about how she has been dealing with the panic and she asserts that the secret lies in staying at home but leading “a regular life”. She shares, “We need to work out, cook food and embrace every moment because this time is not going to come back. We need to spend time with our families and be in touch with them through video calls if they aren’t with us. And let’s not spread rumours that cats and dogs can also be carriers of Covid-19.” 

Thakur admits that though she “hates reading”, she’s making sure that she reads a page a day and she has been trying to look out for the silver lining during this crisis. “We’re way too privileged. We can stay at home and have food on our table. The air pollution has gone down and the birds are out chirping. This lockdown is helping us and Mother Earth to heal,” she says.

The Batla House (2019) actor says that the post-Corona world should practice a voluntary lockdown. “I believe there needs to be a lockdown for at least a week or maybe a month every year where we can be at home and make sure that we spend a lot of time with our families. It’ll help the next generation to enjoy the fruits of the nature,” she signs off.

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