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The artistic collective, Anonymouse, that creates and exhibits miniature mouse-themed artwork unveiled their latest artwork on Nygatan Street in Lund, Sweden. The ‘Ricotta Records’ store in their latest artwork, previously they installed a pharmacy in Lund, and their other artworks include a restaurant and amusement park for mice. The record store features interesting posters, albums and even tables and chairs are placed outside, made of bottle caps and wires.

The little store has been made with a lot of detail, Anonymouse’s Instagram page posted about the artwork installation, writing, “Hello music lovers! We continue our stay in Lund by opening a record store. Swing by and listen to some sweet jazz, pre-order lady gouda’s latest or buy yourself a minidisc.We would also like to thank the municipality of Lund for inviting us and encouraging really small business owners”.


Lund received its first Anonymous artwork in the form of a pharmacy at the beginning of July, which is around when the art collective announced they will be hosting in Lund during the summer. And, now they have showcased their second artwork.

Records playing on the names of famous artists, but featuring mice, can be seen lining up the shelves, some of the titles are Elvis Prastost, Bob Maroilles, Adele, Chiss (like KISS), The Rolling Seeds, Destiny´s Cheese, Minor Enemy. Its not that hard to guess which famous celebrities’ names the pun is on.


The art collective even urged their followers to send in ideas for artists and albums that would work well in Ricotta Records, they wrote, “We have received quite a few tips regarding our inventory, so we figured we’d do a little contest – send us your best suggestion of an artist/album that would be suitable at Ricotta Records. We’ll choose the one we find most entertaining and we’ll make a (very small) poster of it, aaand send it to the person in question, framed and everything! all over the world!…”


The collective even posted all the details of the tiny artworks within their installation, writing, “Hello mice and men! Here are some details from the walls of the record shop. We have received so many great suggestions, and it’s going to be really hard to pick a winner, but the contest is not over yet, so keep ‘em coming!”

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