Salman Khan has been the biggest motivating factor for us: Waluscha De Sousa – bollywood

Waluscha De Sousa has been keeping herself productive during lockdown even as she quarantines with friends from the industry at Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse. “We are keeping ourselves busy with meditation, yoga and other exercise. We are so close to nature that there are so many naturally grown fruits and vegetables, so it’s a good time to appreciate the little things. Salman loves to paint so I have been trying to do that but I have realised I am not good at it (laughs),” she says.

While she agrees that she is fortunate enough to be there at a time like this, but she is constantly thinking about people who are close to her. “My mother is in Germany and my sister is in Amsterdam and I am constantly concerned about them. At the same time, we all are doing our bit to help whoever we can. I am making sure that my house help and other people who need me right now are provided with the daily essentials and other things that they need. I think we are all going to come out of this lockdown being more aware and conscious and how we can survive with bare minimum,” she says.

De Sousa adds that Khan is trying to come out with different ways to reach out to as many people as possible. She adds, “Salman has been helping the daily wage workers and then he decided to provide a few essentials to the people of the neighbouring villages. He keeps a tab on everything. He has been the biggest motivating factor for all of us. We all have our good and bad days but he is there to encourage us.”

The Fan (2016) actor was recently seen interviewing Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez for a song that was completely shot at the farm house during the lockdown. “It was Salman’s idea. He is always trying to find out new ways to reach out to his audience. When he writes the lyrics he makes us all involved. For instance, in this video, I was in charge of the setting, someone else was in charge of the camera and then there is direction which he also does. So, somewhere he makes sure that we all come out learning something,” she signs off. 

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