Sobhita Dhulipala on her self-styled photo controversy: I’ve learnt not to sweat the small stuff, there are bigger issues out there that need actual discussion – bollywood

Not finding solitude “uncomfortable” at all, Sobhita Dhulipala is finding the lockdown a “wonderful opportunity especially for all creative people to introspect and reflect upon their skills, choices and stimulus”.

While the only thing she’s yearning for, is “to be by an airy seaside” and with her parents, she’s using this ‘quarantime’ for “personal growth” as well. Social media, she says, “fortunately doesn’t take up more than 30 minutes in my day (I’ve timed it on my phone so as to not over-indulge)”.

Yet, it is social media which raked up a squabble over pictures that the actor claimed were part of a self-styled and self-timed photoshoot for a magazine. There were counter claims as pictures of a man clicking her photographs began floating on the Internet, leading Dhulipala to issue a statement about standing by her stance.


It’s the “pleasure of impulsiveness”, she explains, which drew her to the “idea of representing parts of who I am in my daily routines through my own means. It’s empowering and quite frankly, fun. I’ve come to enjoy creative direction,” adds the Made In Heaven and Bard of Blood actor, who found it “amusing how urgently many jumped at the chance to bring another person down”.

She adds, “It reveals their feelings of inadequacy. It’s alright I guess, when one has a clear conscious and a centered mind, no current is too strong to shake them. It’s chill.”

Ask her what she meant when she wrote “this is also a moment for me to learn something deeper”, she elaborates, “The simple truth that I’m privileged to be able to lead a life rich with peaks and troughs.”


Truth, in her opinion, is “absolute”. She adds, “Meme pages manipulating it by using only one part of the narrative so as to sensationalise it, is silly. I’m lucky to have learnt not to sweat the small stuff, there are bigger issues out there that need actual discussion!”

Is she going to be twice more conscious about what she puts up on social media now? “Hell no,” exclaims the actor, who was shooting a Telugu-Hindi bilingual film when the news of the lockdown came about. 

Unlike a lot of others, the 27-year-old isn’t looking at this “gap as a void to fill things in but as an opportunity to reflect upon who we are in the grander scheme of things”.

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