Taiwanese grandparents model abandoned, discarded clothes on Instagram, become viral internet sensations – fashion and trends

The say age is just a number, and in the case of the most fashion-savvy, Instafamous octogenarian couple, this is most certainly true. A Taiwanese couple recently went viral on social media for their iconic fashion photoshoots, done with clothes that their customers have left behind at their laundromat.

84-year-old Sho Er and her 83-year-old husband, Wan ji own a laundry shop in Taiwan and more often than not, they find clothes that people leave behind. The shop had little to no business in the past few months, and the couple were getting increasingly bored. That’s when the duo’s grandson, 31 year-old Reef Chang,decided to use the old, abandoned clothes in the laundromat to alleviate the couple’s boredom. In an interview to AFP he said, “My grandpa and grandma were staring blankly at the streets because business wasn’t good. I wanted to find something new they could enjoy doing.”

Considering that there isn’t much that can be done with clothes apart from wearing them, this elderly couple decided to put on a show for the internet, modelling with those long-forgotten clothes. And we must say, the couple is naturally camera ready it seems, and the resulting photos are heart-warming.

From printed summer shirts, cut off shorts, tracksuits all the way to converse shoes and sunglasses, this delightful couple are a picture of what modelling should actually be like. From the most modern of clothing to vintage attires, Wan Ji and Sho Er do a fantastic job of pulling off the attires while still informing the public not to leave behind their clothes.

The couple has surely won the internet, and our hearts with their playful outfits and incredible photos.

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