Tara Sharma Saluja: I had already reinvented myself in order to work from home many years ago – bollywood

Work from home has become the new norm amid the lockdown, but Tara Sharma Saluja is totally at ease with this new way of life. After all, the actor turned chat show host has been working out of her home for the past many years now.

She tells us, “My husband who has a media company and me, we have a lot of work that’s already digital. For me as a creator of content for my show, I have anyway reinvented myself in order to work from home. It’s something that happened when I became a mom ten years ago.”


Saluja, however, is quick to add that “there are some things that have changed dramatically like not being able to go out and shoot and all those things. Otherwise, I have been quite busy with work”.

Despite the lockdown and ongoing crisis, work goes on for the 43-year-old and she’s not letting the situation bog her down.

“Quite honestly, by nature I’m a big optimistic, I can always try and look at the positives. This is the situation and the best thing that we can do right now is adhere to the lockdown rules,” she adds.

Besides her digital show, Saluja has also been keeping busy doing something she loves, something that also helps her be calm and composed.


“I’ve been teaching yoga online twice a week — every Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve been practising yoga for 20 years now, and I’m very much into it. Such things help in maintaining routine and structure,” she shares.

A mother of two boys, Zen (10) and Kai (8), Saluja is surprised by the way her kids have been handling the situation, sharing how they, too, have been staying very positive.

“They are very resilient. I’m quite amazed that they’ve not really complained. Children just live in the present moment and they get on with it. I ask them regularly on my show about how they’re doing, and they say they’re fine; they keep in touch with their friends and are happy. Of course, occasionally they miss their football practice and matches, but by and large they’re positive and that help all of us too,” she concludes.

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