Time to revive limited action in cricket

IPL is arguably India’s premier annual sporting event. It attracts the best talent in the world and has won grudging acceptance from a couple of other cricket boards which earlier seemed disinclined  to allow their players to participate in the tournament. If that’s the good news the bad one is that there is now almost no chance to conduct the 13th edition of IPL as the window has all but closed.

This should however not deter BCCI from looking at options to revive cricket in a limited way. While empty stadiums are not ideal, they need not deter the administrators from looking at re-starting matches. It may even provide some revenue and save jobs in the larger cricket ecosystem.

Television revenue is a critical source of sustenance for Indian cricket. A beginning now even with empty stadiums will not mean that fans are not getting to watch matches. Television will allow fans to watch matches. The added benefit is that it will help cricketers who are not famous and are significantly affected by the loss of a season’s earnings. It’s time to take fresh guard.

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