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CHENNAI: The Afghanistan team resumed its training in Kabul on Sunday. While the country’s top players assembled for the month-long camp, their chief coach Lance Klusener was unable to join them since he is currently in South Africa and isn’t allowed to travel.
In a chat with TOI, the 48-year-old former allrounder – who featured in 49 Tests and 171 ODIs – assessed the effect Covid-19 pandemic has had on teams like Afghanistan, how wax could be an alternative to saliva for shining the ball, and more. Excerpts:
How are you tracking the day-to-day progress of the Afghan team from South Africa?
The camp is run by our assistant coach and former Afghanistan captain Nawroz Mangal since we are not allowed to travel. To be honest, staying in touch with the team is pretty difficult. Internet connection in Afghanistan is too slow for a virtual coaching session. We receive footage and give feedback at the end of each day. The focus now is on Twenty20s and we also want to ensure that the players are back to peak fitness in the coming weeks.
How does the lockdown phase affect the smaller teams like Afghanistan?
It’s a huge problem for Afghanistan. We only have limited bilateral series and tournaments in a calendar year. So we end up relying on Asia (Cup) and World Cup for income and fixtures.
How do you view ICC’s ban on using saliva to shine the ball?
I have no problem with saliva being banned by the ICC. Coronavirus is passed through saliva, so that makes sense. However, I would like to see a certain amount of a specific substance provided by the ball manufacturers (say 10ml for example) to the team captain which he can use at his discretion for 80 overs. After that it can be replaced with a newer one.
Is there a particular substance you have in mind?
They could perhaps use wax in limited quantity. The captain of the fielding team gets to keep it. After 80 overs of play, they get a new one while the old one is handed back to the umpire.
How do you think players will deal with it since using saliva to shine the ball is almost muscle memory?
Yes, it is a habit. Players will have to adapt to the new normal. Mistakes will be made by them at first but over a period of time they will get used to it.
International cricket starts off with the upcoming WI-England Test series being played behind closed doors next month. How will players stay motivated by playing in empty stadiums?
These are unprecedented times. Things are not what it used to be earlier. Cricketers will need to adapt to this phase and do their bit in order to curb the virus. If the players across the world do what is needed at this point of time, then we may soon be back to normal.
What’s your take on racism in sport and how do you view the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign?
I’m not on social media, but have seen a bit of it in the news. It’s great to see people standing up for what is very wrong. There is absolutely no place for racism in sport or in any walk of life. I firmly believe that strictest punishments must be given to those indulging in such acts.

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