Vidya Balan flaunts her statement saree style for Shakuntala Devi promotions – fashion and trends

With the coronavirus lockdown slowly lifting, life is slowly getting back to normal, and every once in a while we even spot celebrities making their way about town as they run errands. And given how long it’s been since we saw our favourites celebrities dolled up as they promote their projects, seeing Vidya Balan dressed to the nines for the promotions of Shakuntala Devi, her movie based on the writer and mental calculator (also known as Human Computer) by the same name, has been a sight for sore eyes. The versatile actor’s unique ,characteristic ethnic fashion is enviable. Here are some of her latest looks from the promotions of Shankuntala Devi.

On July 31st, Vidya Balan’s film about the life and achievements of ‘Shakuntala Devi’ was released exclusively on Amazon Prime. It is a biographical comedy-drama film written and directed by Anu Menon. In the film we see Balan adopting the various phases of Shakuntala Devi’s life, making for one brilliant fashion journey.

Vidya Balan has been a saree connoisseur ever since her debut in the Indian film industry and had inspired many a young girl to forego modern outfits for more traditional Indian sarees and kurtas. Balan’s lustrous black hair and classic Indian features, compliment her fashion choices to such an extent that it has us all screaming ‘fashion goals!’

In lieu of her recent film, Vidya Balan has been posting promotional photographs on her Instagram page, in her wide array of delicately handcrafted sarees and kurtas that offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional. As an advocate for the ‘saree life’, Balan is also involved in the promotion of local artisans and designers that are a part of the rich cultural heritage of India.

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