Winter grooming hacks every man should know – fashion and trends

The chilly weather brings with it a lot of hair and skin woes which every man should pay attention to. Grooming becomes all the more necessary in winter for men to ward off those dandruff, dry skin and other skin and hair related issue that occurs because of dry air. Here are a few grooming hacks that will make you look all the more dapper in winter.

1. Your scalp needs proper oiling and conditioning

Dandruff are a common occurrence in winter. And too much dandruff not only leads to itchiness but also massive hair fall. Imagine you are on a date with your beau wearing your favourite black jacket, those little white flakes on your shoulder can only embarrass you. So, oil your scalp once a week with coconut oil. Also don’t forget to apply a good conditioner everytime you shampoo in winter.

2. Apply sunscreen everytime you step out

Remember, sunscreen is not just for summer. You expose your skin to harmful UV rays in winter too. So not only does your skin needs a good moisturizer but also a sunscreen. Use an SPF 15 moisturizer that would serve both the purpose for you.

3. Wash and exfoliate your beard daily

If you are keeping a beard in winter, chances are that you would face beard dandruff. Brittleness of the beard is another issue that might bother you. It is always advisable to wash your beard daily with a good shampoo. Post that you can apply to beard balm to keep it moisturized and well groomed.

4. Shave after shower

Usually, the sequence is such that we shave before we take a shower. But in winter, you need to do this post your shower routine. Because your skin pores are softer and your skin would be less irritated while shaving.

5. Use sugar scrub

Another challenge that you have to face in the cold weather is to protect your lips from chapping. Chapped lips are a result of dehydrated skin and winter air. Drink plenty of water in winter to protect your lips from getting dry. Keep applying lip balm on regular interval. And most importantly apply sugar scrub to get rid of the dead skin on your lips.

With inputs from cosmetologist Aman Dixit and beauty expert Liven Massey.

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