World Laughter Day: It’s tough to make people laugh, especially in today’s scenario, says Bharti Singh – bollywood

She’s been making India laugh for a decade now, but comedienne Bharti Singh still finds comedy a very difficult task. On World Laughter Day today, we ask her how important a role does laughter play in our lives, especially in this Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown, stress of which can get to people.

Pat comes her reply, “There’s this situation in India, what do I say about laughter amidst all this? But it plays a very important role, if we can make those laugh who don’t have anything to eat or wear anything. Then there are those who worry about what will they eat tomorrow, eat today, or even in the next one hour.”

She further adds, “There’s no laughter in their lives at all. But I get messages from people who have a cable connection… agar hamari chhoti baat pe yeh log hans dete hain, toh humein bauhaut duaayein milengi. And we will try and wish that corona goes away, everyone’s stress gets relieved, everyone goes to work again, and India prospers, sabke ghar chalein. We will try our best to make people laugh.” 

The 35-year-old adds that though it’s been a full 10 years for her doing comedy, it started off not as something serious, but rather as something in jest. Revealing why, Singh says, “It hasn’t been many years. Earlier, I used to do it just for fun, and people started calling it comedy. Today however, it’s more tough to make people laugh. Our lives are so stressful, everyone is caught up with their own worries, the country is in a crisis”. 

But what she and her husband, writer Harsh Limbachiyaa are doing to make people pass their time in this lockdown is a show they shoot entirely at home. From the script, to the camera work, everything is done by the duo.

Singh reveals, “People are loving Hum, Tum Aur Quarantine. Each episode is 15 minutes long, people keep asking how do we do it. We had just shifted into a new house, we don’t have any house help. Shooting, editing, sab karna padhta hai! It’s very difficult. When there’s lunch or dinner time, we have to contemplate whether we should shoot or eat. I discuss with harsh that we don’t even realise where the time has gone in this lockdown. The work starts in the morning, and goes on till the next day. It’s a small effort from our side, so that people forget their stress.”

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